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678iketree, LLC, Tree Service, Marietta, GA
678iketree, LLC, Tree Service, Marietta, GA

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Trimming and maintaining your property’s trees is an important aspect of maintaining your home. Having your trees trimmed regularly helps keep your property looking good, but is also important for the overall health of the tree. Waiting too long to prune and maintain your trees can lead to unhealthy trees, requiring complete tree removal. Give us a call Today!

There is certainly a strategy to safely and effectively trimming trees. If performed incorrectly, you risk severely harming or in some cases killing the tree. Below you will find a few generic tips on how to properly prune and trim, keep in mind however that various types of trees require different methods:

• Do not cut branches that are larger than a third of the size of the trunk. Only cut branches that are smaller than 1/3 the size of the trunk.
• Do not remove more than 25% of the trees crown in one session.
• Even everything out, do not have certain limbs longer than the other making it look deformed.
• Try to cut as little off the top as possible while still making it look rounded and freshly pruned. Shortening the tree too much can be harmful to it.

Again these tips are just scratching the surface of how to properly trim and take care of your trees.

Here are a few of the tree trimming services we offer:

  1. Crown Thinning – This process consists of eliminating smaller branches and working your way towards the center of the tree. It is the most crucial aspect of pruning your trees because it opens up the crown allowing it to be properly ventilated.
  2. Crown Lifting – This involves trimming the lower part of the tree’s limbs. It is done to eliminate long hanging branches making the tree look more aesthetic. It also helps balance the weight of the tree keeping it healthier.
  3. Crown Pollarding – All of the tree’s limbs and branches are cut back to the knuckle in this process. This technique is used for younger trees to help them grow and form properly.
  4. Crown Reduction – Trees that have too much overgrowth need crown reduction. This technique is a last resort type of method. If the tree needs severe pruning them we will use the crown reduction technique.