Stump Grinding Marietta GA

Do you have tree stumps on your property? If so we bet you are sick of looking at them. In our opinion, stumps are some of the ugliest things to look at. They just makes your eyes sore. 678-IkeTree is the local tree service to call when you need stumps annihilated.

If you plan on having tree removal done be certain that stump grinding is included in the process. Most companies do not include stump grinding when removing your trees. With us, it may cost a little bit extra because it is tough work, but in the long run it is completely worth it. Having stumps sit around makes your land look less appealing. The stumps also have a tendency to rot and decay, which is extremely damaging to your soil and ultimately your other trees and plants.

When we grind your stumps we leave nothing left in site other than a hole. We suggest that you have the area mulched or have sod laid down to cover up the hole in the ground where the stump once resided. We offer these services as well so if you don’t want to do it on your own simply let us know and we will take care of it.

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