MARIETTA TREE SERVICE is one of the Southeast’s most experienced tree service companies. We offer the highest quality of service along with some of the most affordable prices. For over 20 years we found great joy out of helping others make the right decisions when it comes to their trees and land. is insured, bonded and certified. We have a staff that is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They are also some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. If you’re looking for the highest rated Marietta tree service, look no further than!

678iketree, LLC, Tree Service, Marietta, GA
678iketree, LLC, Tree Service, Marietta, GA



Tree removal becomes important when trees create overcrowding, damage structures, or hamper new construction. It is a job best done by specialists to avoid any harm to property or people. We provide a complete range of tree removal services at competitive prices. Our team has the training and equipment to get your job done safely, quickly and efficiently

Professional Tree Trimming Roswell GA


Tree trimming and pruning encourages air circulation which reduces disease incidence and the possibility of damage from high winds. Tree trimming also removes unhealthy or dangerous limbs that can easily fall in severe weather and allows more sunlight reach your understory plants.


Stumps interfere with your property's good looks. They can also be a danger if not adequately ground down. The most effective and efficient means of doing this is with a stump grinder. Our stump grinding equipment has the additional capabilities to grind and remove tree roots.


That’s right, we not only service trees but shrubs as well! Shrubs can do two things. They can make a property look really nice or they can make it look more unkept than it actually is. If you have shrubs that need to be removed, shaped or trimmed then we are the company for you.


High winds can harm branches and throw debris around, injuring or breaking off parts of your trees, and heavy rains can saturate the soil and can make it all too easy for trees to tilt, move, and uproot themselves during and after a storm. Whether a tree or branch has in fact fallen or is just threatening to fall, provides 24-hour emergency tree removal and trimming.


Not only are free wood chips attractive ground cover, but they provide beneficial organic material to the soil around shrubs and trees, help the soil retain moisture, and release small amounts of nitrogen and other nutrients as they decompose. Call now to get free wood chips delivered to your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases the answer is no, every job no matter how big or small is different. Factors such as: Proximity to house, accessibility, permits, tree health, chipping, and clean up are all taken in to consideration. We offer a FREE onsite evaluation to ensure each customer gets the solution that fits them best. 

No! It is very much our preference to preserve and prolong the life of your trees. Our first choice is always to prune and trim.

Yes, if it is determined that your job will require a permit, our staff will guide you through the process and work with city officials. 

In emergency situations we can often get to your job the same day. Other jobs are scheduled based on weather and other external factors. Our office will work with you to accommodate your schedule as best as possible. 

The majority of our clients are not home during business hours. Clients do not need to be present, but one of our staff will walk the property with the client upon completion. employs multiple crews. For example, one crew will handle the tree removal and pruning services while log pickup and stump grinding our handled by another crew. All services will be completed within a timely manner.