If you’re looking for Lawrenceville tree removal or other tree-care services, look no further! is your source for every kind of Lawrenceville tree services your lawn might require, from simple trimming to emergency tree removal to professional examination and treatment of tree illnesses and bugs. offers reliable tree service in Atlanta, Roswell, Marietta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Decatur, Duluth, Brookhaven and all surrounding areas in the Metro Atlanta Area.

678iketree, LLC, Tree Service, Marietta, GA
678iketree, LLC, Tree Service, Marietta, GA


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Kim Jennings
Kim Jennings
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Great company! I I had a tree fall on my driveway with all the rain we had having and I contacted them at 6:30 am, they called me back, came to look at it, went and got the equipment and had the tree removed and hauled away a little after 9 am. They were nice, polite and gave me a good price, they also gave me a price to have some more trees taken down which I will use them for in the spring. Very happy with them!
Brenda Bowen
Brenda Bowenreccomends, LLC
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I’ve called on four times and have been more than happy with their service. Same guys come, no turnover. They’ve cut down more than 15 trees, had them hauled away and the clean up is pristine! Thanks guys, great jobs!!
Cassandra Petersen
Cassandra PetersenLocal Guide
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We always call Dale! Once again, he and his crew have done a phenomenal job.

Efficient, professional, and goes above and beyond to assure customers are pleased with end product.

Owner personally assists along side his crew and is passionate about his profession. He has extensive knowledge in tree type and how to prune for better growth and visual appeal.


I highly recommended contacting this business for an estimate and tree services.
 Danielle Pawenski McGinn
Danielle Pawenski McGinnreccomends, LLC
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They did an amazing job for a great price. Dale even talked me out of cutting down a tree and just pruning it!
Sy Trea
Sy Trea
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Used BBB to find a A+ reputable tree company and 678IKE out rated the other tree services alone by ratings and being transparent on their webpage, in person, and after the work was done. Dale is honest, very knowledgeable, and enlightened me on the pros&cons between trimming and cutting down my trees so that I can make the best decision to be more proactive and prevention maintenance. They did what was agreed at a reasonable price. They crew was extremely professional, efficient, cleaned up, and did more than I expected. Amazing work of art as if they were sculptures, they “tree-weeded” out misc trees and raised the canopy (low branches) from overgrown trees that immediately transformed the whole landscape view. This wasn’t just another tree cutting I see around town. It was a pleasing customer experience where I wish I could have taken the “before” vs after pictures.
Steven Stewart
Steven Stewart
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They were in the neighborhood and asked if I needed any tree work. I pointed out one tree I was worried about but Dale assured me it was fine and told me not to waste the money. Then we looked at some limbs hanging over our house and he gave us a good quote to clean them up.

A few days later his crew showed up and quickly and professionally took care of our needs. They even cleaned up a small tree in our yard that was in need of a little trimming and didn’t charge for that!

Fair price and they did a great job. Will use again!



Tree removal becomes important when trees create overcrowding, damage structures, or hamper new construction. It is a job best done by specialists to avoid any harm to property or people. We provide a complete range of tree removal services at competitive prices. Our team has the training and equipment to get your job done safely, quickly and efficiently.

Professional Tree Trimming Roswell GA


Tree trimming and pruning encourages air circulation which reduces disease incidence and the possibility of damage from high winds. Tree trimming also removes unhealthy or dangerous limbs that can easily fall in severe weather and allows more sunlight reach your understory plants.


Stumps interfere with your property's good looks. They can also be a danger if not adequately ground down. The most effective and efficient means of doing this is with a stump grinder. Our stump grinding equipment has the additional capabilities to grind and remove tree roots.


That’s right, we not only service trees but shrubs as well! Shrubs can do two things. They can make a property look really nice or they can make it look more unkept than it actually is. If you have shrubs that need to be removed, shaped or trimmed then we are the company for you.


High winds can harm branches and throw debris around, injuring or breaking off parts of your trees, and heavy rains can saturate the soil and can make it all too easy for trees to tilt, move, and uproot themselves during and after a storm. Whether a tree or branch has in fact fallen or is just threatening to fall, provides 24-hour emergency tree removal and trimming.


Not only are free wood chips attractive ground cover, but they provide beneficial organic material to the soil around shrubs and trees, help the soil retain moisture, and release small amounts of nitrogen and other nutrients as they decompose. Call now to get free wood chips delivered to your property.


We make every effort to make sure the information posted below is correct and up to date. A link to the tree ordinance can be found here.

Do I have to obtain a permit to cut down a tree on my property?

A permit may be required, in some cases. Individual homeowners are not required to obtain a tree removal permit unless that tree is located in a required Zoning Buffer, Conservation or Open Space, the Chattahoochee River Corridor or designated Tree Save Area.
Note: If you believe you have a specimen tree on your property please refer below.

What Is A Specimen Tree

A tree that loses its leaves in the fall, such as a maple tree, is considered a hardwood tree. Any hardwood tree 28 inches or larger in diameter is considered a specimen tree. A tree that is green all year such as a pine tree is considered a softwood tree. Any softwood tree 30 inches or larger in diameter is considered a specimen tree. A native flowering tree 12 inches or larger in diameter is considered a specimen tree such as a dogwood tree. Note: The diameter of a tree is measured at 4.5 feet above the ground. To roughly
estimate the diameter you can measure half the circumference.

Hazardous Trees on Private Property

The Gwinnett County Property Maintenance Ordinance, effective January 1, 1999, requires adherence to certain minimum maintenance requirements. The ordinance was adopted to promote and protect the public health, safety, convenience, order and general welfare of the citizens of the county. The ordinance applies to all existing structures and premises within the unincorporated areas of the county. Dead trees shall not be allowed to exist on any premises. Upon a finding by a registered forester or certified arborist that a tree is in danger of falling upon adjacent lots or public streets due to the death of the tree, the property owner is required to have the tree removed. Tree stumps greater than 12 inches in height, felled trees, slash, and tree limbs must be removed within 14 days after being cut. Exceptions to this requirement include neatly stacked firewood less than 3 feet in length in the rear yard, property zoned RA-200 and property greater than 1 acre in size.

Violations of the ordinance are prosecuted in the Environmental Division of Recorder’s Court and are subject to a penalty of up to $1000 and/or 60 days in jail per violation per day (minimum fine is $250). To report possible violations, please call the Quality of Life Unit Hotline at 770.513.5004 or click here to report online.


In most cases the answer is no, every job no matter how big or small is different. Factors such as: Proximity to house, accessibility, permits, tree health, chipping, and clean up are all taken in to consideration. We offer a FREE onsite evaluation to ensure each customer gets the solution that fits them best. 

No! It is very much our preference to preserve and prolong the life of your trees. Our first choice is always to prune and trim.

Yes, if it is determined that your job will require a permit, our staff will guide you through the process and work with city officials. 

In emergency situations we can often get to your job the same day. Other jobs are scheduled based on weather and other external factors. Our office will work with you to accommodate your schedule as best as possible. 

The majority of our clients are not home during business hours. Clients do not need to be present, but one of our staff will walk the property with the client upon completion. employs multiple crews. For example, one crew will handle the tree removal and pruning services while log pickup and stump grinding our handled by another crew. All services will be completed within a timely manner.

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